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I am now accepting students up to about Grade 9 (RCM) or equivalent.

My philosophy is one of making sure that students have the correct basics – good technique and good sight reading – so that they are able to feel confident in performance situations. Even for students who do not pursue music studies into later years, the ability to sit at the piano and sight read and play reasonably well is a skill the will be valued for all of one’s life.

I encourage students to set benchmarks for themselves, and I prefer my students to study in a recognized system – Royal Conservatory or Trinity College, for example. I also encourage my students to try exams and to enter recitals sponsored by the Central Toronto Branch of the ORMTA, where I am both a member, and a member of the executive.

I insist that my students practise a reasonable amount of time daily, and to log this practice. I am keen that students also play music that they enjoy and want to explore – jazz and folk, for example.

I have regular “mini recitals” where students have the opportunity to perform and to listen to others in a relaxed environment.


Rudiments will be incorporated into lessons in both piano and cello at the appropriate levels. It is always a good idea to work on theory and practical at the same time. Young beginners are constantly learning new notes, note values, time signatures, key signatures – well, the list goes on. Suffice it to say that lots of extra practice is very helpful to make the keyboard (or cello fingerboard!) a more enjoyable experience.

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